Social Media Marketing and Web Professional Services
Uniting people utilizing the social media marketplace


iProject Assist is a social media agency that offers specialized services by forging relationships and dialogue. Our services are rendered through social media powerhouses such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest. We don’t deliver what the market wants, but what the client wants. We make it our business of knowing the people we sell to and tailor the products and services using our Effective Mission Model.

Our EFFECTIVE Mission:

Building EFFECTIVE  relationships using social media to connect peopleIn the “social” world it is important to gain the trust of people. Our goal is just not “sell” our services to a client but to genuinely help clients succeed in their own business endeavors. We pride in your accomplishments and we want to know “What can we do for your success?”

Use of EFFECTIVE  strategies for campaign marketingMarketing and promoting is essential for any business. Due to increasing competition, many marketing campaigns will not see light of the day as it can get buried under lots of similar marketing strategies or lack of a targeted audience. Our goal is to research thoroughly, become an expert, and keep things simple. Whether it is an online campaign, email campaign or any other promotional strategy: we market for your needs.

EFFECTIVEly teach clients to use the “social media” platform to grow their business. Honesty towards our clients is what we promote. Not every tactic works for every client. We want to “get real”. We want our clients to know the 3P’s;  practice, patience and persistence are the keys to effective long term strategy in the social platform. We believe it and we teach it.

EFFECTIVEly monitor and analyze trends. Social media takes a lot of time and effort, especially following what is “trending”. A once a month update on your site will not suffice. It takes continuous maintenance to keep up with campaign strategies and remain successful. Our mutual collaborative efforts will ensure that success.

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